Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Blog!

Ok, first of all like the title said it is my first blog so that is cool. Exciting too since this is going to be the new site for The Omni Series (it's a book that is almost ready for publishing! Be patient, it will come out eventually!) of course there was never really a old site, it's first site, but you get my point! Anyways I'm trying to customize it so it looks really cool that and figuring how how it works in the first place... So the site will probably keep changing lay out wise until I deem it to be perfect (or close to it at least). That in mind I might post saying something along the lines like "How do you do this... (problem)" in the future, because like I said I'm new to this. Oh I will also hopefully put the book preview shortly after posting this. So stay tuned!