Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Harder than I remember

Four scores and three years ago I was in my first education class with Dr. Jones. I was more than a bit nervous at first since I feared that I might not like this class. I had heard many stories about students not liking the first major they pick and I was afraid I was going to fall into that same pit. Thankfully Dr. Jones made me real excited to become a teacher and I remember my first assignment I created. It was constructed as a final project that has the students “publishing” a short novel and or a poem book.

            I had enjoyed that project, but after that class I never did have practice making another teaching assignment until this year. This made me excited again. I could not wait to start on making a new assignment, but when I started working on it I realized something. This is harder than I remembered it to be. To be fair though, I had been three years out of practice. Unfortunally there are a lot classed based around education with all of them teaching about teaching, but they do not do stuff like creating assignments and lesson planning. So when I was able to get a chance to do stuff like that this year I was happy. Again though, I quickly realized I was out of practice. Before this Gallagher Assignment, the only thing close I had to practice was in the beginning of the semester when I created an actual Test for my psychology class. So I do have to thank Dr. Callan for making that assignment. It really gave me a warm up before this assignment I am doing now.  

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