About Me

My name is Kara Harris. I was born in 1995 and am only child. I live in the small town of Warsaw, Indiana. Thankfully I started writing in 7th grade when my friends wanted to do something to pass the time before school started. It was about mutants and going on an adventure. Which I got the idea from a teacher name Mr. Hoffert because the year before he gave us the assignment to write a short science fiction story. First I didn’t see the potential with my story, but as I kept writing and I someday want to publish my work.

The love of writing continued in high school when I joined the creative writing club. This also gave me a chance to be in their literary magazine and be a co-editor in my junior year. I also took the creative writing class when it was first introduced my senior year. When I am not writing, though, I enjoy spending my free time with friends, drawing characters and riding my bike on the mountain biking trails. I also, love music. Listening to music inspires me when I writing and drawing.


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